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Friday, May 20, 2011


Tomorrow night my daughter Rachel, her husband Brandon and their three very precious kids are arriving for a visit. What makes this so extra special is that they are here in the States on furlough and are heading back to their home in July to Papua New Guinea. They have been missionaries in PNG for the last five years. Even though we have been together several times this last year this will be their first visit to NH since they went over seas. So the next few weeks are going to be FAMILY TIME because after a week together we are joining ALL the kids for a big reunion at a lake house that we have rented.  RELAXING (and maybe a little noisy)!!!

It is hard for me to describe all the feelings that go with having a part of my family so far away. It is FULL of  bittersweet emotions.  So sad to miss out on so much time with them, BUT so proud of what they are doing to share the Good News with others, so sad at how hard it is to have a relationship with my grandkids, BUT so thankful for email and the ability to visit them occasionally. In the end I have to trust God with my up and down emotions and thank Him for His abundant goodness in giving me such a wonderful family.