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Friday, May 20, 2011

Online Shopping

Well this is embarrassing! I forgot to mention that I never thought I would ever buy anything online (see my first post). Oh well, I will just have to confess that I now love to shop online because I wanted to share this beautiful box of wool yarn I got in the mail. Yes I ordered it online and it is not at all my first purchase however it is my first yarn purchase. I have always loved to crochet but it has been limited to scarves and afghans.

But when I saw some wonderfully felted wool bowls online-I had to make some too. I love how I can combine my two favorites, crocheting and felting wool into one project.

So I have been on a crochet spree making little bowls. They are so soft and wooly after they are felted.

And look-it's a needle felted Bird Ball in a Bowl. Yay! Best of both worlds.