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Saturday, August 20, 2011

When We Grow Old...

We have been friends for thirty years, we met when our husbands were Air Force pilots stationed at George AFB, they let us stay in their house while we looked for a house to buy, their two daughters were the same age as ours, we started to go to the same Bible study together, we pledged our #4 children to marry each other when they grew up (the kids didn't cooperate:), we had play dates together and struggled to finish a sentence let alone a subject, we had deep discussions, we each chose to homeschool and then after three years when our husbands moved on to other assignments, we said "When we grow old someday we will sit together on the porch in rocking chairs and talk." Well, all through the years we have stayed in touch with long talks on the phone, visits, weddings, and then this summer we got to sit together on Nancy's porch in her rocking chairs and talk. We thought we were old enough now and we agreed ... we need a new goal.