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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Making Wet Felt Coasters

Dyeing the wool.

I am getting so I really enjoy making these coasters. Color combos will pop into my head and I can't wait to make them into something. The red and brown ended up reminding me of chocolate covered cherries.
Off to cut them. I hope someday to use the scraps for ATC's.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Our trip to California

Finally made a trip to visit my Mom in California with an added bonus of also visiting Martha who is down in Mexico with Caravans Ministry. It was just Katelin and I - we left the guys at home, Theodore finishing up his semester and John was working. 

My Mom just before her Christmas Luncheon on Friday.
She had everything beautifully decorated.

A highlight of our visit was a trip to Christmas Around the World
in downtown Bakersfield.

Just a few of the over 600 Nutcrackers

There were 40 countries represented with Christmas trees
decorated with traditional ornaments.

A fast overnight trip to San Diego to see Martha.

This was an unexpected sight. We took a little detour and walked around near
the museum for the Midway Aircraft Carrier.
Bob Hope entertaining the troops.
Kate is enthusiastic.
Lunch with Martha just before we said goodbye.

Back in Bakersfield - I had promised Kate a trip to Sweet Surrender for
some cupcakes. Fun store.

Another accomplishment was finding a new 'old' couch for Mom.
This was just so unexpected to find just about exactly what she
wanted and to find it so quickly and at the right price too!
It looks perfect in her home.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

One project done and another to begin...

I just finished making my first ever felt birthday crown. This is for my grandson Kaden who loves everything about cars. He will be having his third birthday this month and I am feeling a little pleased that I got it done in time. I then realized to be fair maybe I should do one for all my grandkids. Do you think a little seven year old boy and a nine year old girl would like a birthday crown? Hmmm! I may be doing a lot of crowns in 2012.

But first I need to work on a baby blanket for our new grandson. I loved the colors and cuddly softness of this yarn and it made me think it would be perfect for a Teddy Bear Blanket. I found a pattern at Michael's that I thought I will try.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Decorating-Done!

Love it when the tree is up and everything is in order. 

Each ornament has a special memory.

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Button Factory

This last weekend was Open Studios at The Button Factory in Portsmouth NH.  John and I spent several hours there but we needed much more time to see everything. During Open Studios you can visit the many artist's studios as well as artists that are just there for the weekend.  One of the highlights was watching a wood turning demonstration by Michael Wise. We bought the very object that was made during the demonstration.

A baby rattle for our newest grandson due to arrive in February.
We also enjoyed visiting with Laury Nichols (L NICHOLS woodcarving) who has the cutest wood carvings. I loved how she had models of the process and did a bit of actual carving while we chatted. She was very encouraging and urged me to look into the jury process in the League of NH Craftsmen.

Monday, December 5, 2011

An Unsuccessful Acorn Hunt

My son is really interested in acorn cap hunting.

Kate's self portrait.
I have once again had the urge to felt acorns using real acorn caps. Last year there were so many acorns laying around and I did collect some but you know how when something is too easy you just do not value it like maybe you should. Well now I am looking at my acorn cap collection and thinking I need more so off we went to look with several bags to put all the caps in and we ended up with less than a handful. Kate got some good pictures and we both stepped in the poo, (dog poo) really!!!  Lesson learned--Don't take acorn caps for granted:)