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Monday, April 30, 2012

My first experience with clay

Well maybe not my first - I remember making a little dish for my parents when I was five. 
My newest thing to drool over has been clay crafts and I especially loved the idea of paper clay. So I thought I would try and add paper clay to some of my felting projects. I love birds on a pedestal so that was my first experience. It was a fail. Maybe I didn't mix it correctly or maybe I didn't like getting my hands so messy but whatever it was it was awful. The good news is that I didn't quit...yet. I went out and got already mixed air dry clay and what a difference.
First pedestal attempt...It was lumpy.

More money spent-new clay and I couldn't resist the mold using my
40% off coupon:)

This clay was so much easier to work with and wasn't messy and I even think my hands
were smoother after working with it. Is that possible?

My first clay pedestal and beak.

I love the crackle look. I painted the pedestal white, added the crackle paint, let it dry,
added gold paint, wiped it off, added some glitter and a coat of varnish.