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Friday, April 27, 2012

My Needle Felting Pad

Just thought I would share my solution to the messy needle felting pad dilemma. I have tried several different pads but they all eventually get full of colored fiber that then spreads to my project. Ugh!!
So my little epiphany was to stack my old pads and then cover them with a pillowcase that can be taken off and washed after each project. I also like the added height since I sit on the couch to needle felt.

My first pad is the thick one in the middle. It adds height to my pad.

The white ones on the top and bottom are soy mats which I really like because of their
texture and density.
Cheap pillowcases with a looser thread count work best.
I can flip the pillowcase over several times.
I would love to hear what other needle felters do for their felting pads.