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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Birthday Crowns on their Way to Papua New Guinea

I have finished two more birthday crowns(#'s 3 & 4) to send to PNG hopefully to make it in time for our granddaughter Grace's birthday. Bri's birthday is in November so at least I know it will be there for her. It is always this long process for me to pack a box to go to my PNG  family. I either don't have everything that I want to go into the box or it all won't fit in the box and I have to pick and choose what stays until next time. And then there is the trip to the post office with custom forms and oh my the cost to ship a box over there and it takes six weeks!!!  I just wish I could mail myself there and be with them when they open their box:)

Little Birds for Bri

And Grace gets Butterflies

I still have to add birthday bags for Grace and her Daddy.
Little toys, some kid's books, magazine for Rachel because she says the smell of a new magazine
reminds her of  home:), popcicle holders, cookie cutters, Brandon's and Grace's BD presents,
vitamins and cold meds and of course candy.

I guess I should explain that my daughter Rachel (#2 child) lives with her husband Brandon and their three children on a small volcanic island off of the coast of Papua New Guinea where they are missionaries with New Tribes Missions.  (Click here to see my other posting about them)