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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Busy Week

After a very quiet summer my Etsy shop became very busy. I sold several things
and had several new orders, mainly acorns.  

   I'm just finishing these little elephants and they are joining the little aqua bunny in Sweden.

They need to be shipped before I leave on my trip to see the kids down south:)

Monday, August 20, 2012


I am praying for a bit of God's peace today. 

I'm making plans to travel later this week and I always get myself into a little 
turmoil at the thought of leaving home.  Once I get there I will be fine:)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Printing on tissue paper

I thought I would share how I did the title 'Sweet Bird Song' on this
little clay bird creation. First I just happened to have on hand a bunch of
gold tissue paper that I bought at a Thrift Store and did I say that it is GOLD
and glittery!
I cut out a piece of tissue paper the size of a sheet of cardstock.

I glued the tissue to the cardstock so that it will be able to go through the printer.
I used rubber cement because it
is easy to remove after you are done printing. I mainly glued along the top
edge and corners and the bottom corners.

I wrote on the computer some little sayings and captions that I thought I would be
able to use. As soon as I finished printing I thought of one more:(.
You can scan or print off the computer anything that you could use in
scrapbooking or decopauging.

A few ink splotches from my printer but that's not a problem because
I will cut out around the sayings.

Gently pull the tissue off the cardstock. I am going to be able to
use that piece of cardstock for the next time.

Add a little bit of mod podge or watered white glue and then
varnish. It really added to my little clay bird creation.

Here is a link to a wonderful video tutorial. I love all her videos, especially
the one on bleaching bottle brush trees. I want to do that!!!
Talk again soon:)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

More (hopefully creative) Messiness

I keep thinking this should be titled something like 'Where's Waldo?' or
in my picture 'Where's the needle felted bunny?' waiting for his
wooden block to be painted.
I chickened out showing my spare guest/supply storage room for now. And since not a whole lot is happening in my life (which is kind of a nice thing) I thought I would instead show the mess involved in what I am working on this week. I have still been playing with clay and of course had to make birds. I really enjoy painting them - painting on layers and wiping off parts of layers until I like the results. And then experimenting with crackle paint or glitter paint and adding a few crystals and rhinestones to finish the fun. Anyway back to my mess... this is the far end of the dining room table so we are still able to eat at the other end. My sweet family has been so understanding about my little spots of messiness.

Pink glitter and rhinestones:)
In my Etsy shop.

Clay bird and wool nest.
It is also in my shop.

A little trinket bowl - a few new skills. I never had made a clay rose before.
I love the little pearl in its center and some more of that pink glitter on its petals.
I haven't listed it yet.