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Monday, August 13, 2012

Printing on tissue paper

I thought I would share how I did the title 'Sweet Bird Song' on this
little clay bird creation. First I just happened to have on hand a bunch of
gold tissue paper that I bought at a Thrift Store and did I say that it is GOLD
and glittery!
I cut out a piece of tissue paper the size of a sheet of cardstock.

I glued the tissue to the cardstock so that it will be able to go through the printer.
I used rubber cement because it
is easy to remove after you are done printing. I mainly glued along the top
edge and corners and the bottom corners.

I wrote on the computer some little sayings and captions that I thought I would be
able to use. As soon as I finished printing I thought of one more:(.
You can scan or print off the computer anything that you could use in
scrapbooking or decopauging.

A few ink splotches from my printer but that's not a problem because
I will cut out around the sayings.

Gently pull the tissue off the cardstock. I am going to be able to
use that piece of cardstock for the next time.

Add a little bit of mod podge or watered white glue and then
varnish. It really added to my little clay bird creation.

Here is a link to a wonderful video tutorial. I love all her videos, especially
the one on bleaching bottle brush trees. I want to do that!!!
Talk again soon:)