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Monday, September 24, 2012


So in June I took some of my birds and owls to a beautiful handcraft gift store on Market St. in downtown Portsmouth.  I was beginning to think that I needed to bring them home because I hadn't heard anything and I was being a coward about checking on them:(  A wonderful and encouraging surprise (a check) was in the mailbox on Saturday. I sold two owls and one bird in July and August. It makes me happy because now I feel like making more.

I love the glass buttons that I used for this owl's eyes. I have looked all over
looking for anything close to these and haven't found any. I have one more set that
I will keep for myself.
I overdyed the herringbone in red food coloring.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What is Needle Felting?

While I would love to have this post be about my wonderful trip to see my kids and grandkids - it's not!
What kind of grandma goes and visits and can't get any decent pictures!!
My excuse...my camera is on its last legs and I didn't take it with me and my husband's little camera only took pictures that a (grand)mother could love.

So instead this is a post on needle felting because while in Georgia I got to meet the mom of a friend of Hannah's (I know this is going to get confusing. Please hang in here with me:) who wanted to talk about my Etsy experience. I will share more about Cynthia when she opens her Etsy shop. I want to be one of her first sales. Sorry, now I am really off track.  ANYWAY, one of her questions was 
'What is needle felting?'
So here are a few pictures to explain a little about needle felting but this is definitely not a tutorial.

You start with some wonderful loose wool (love the stuff!!!) and a very
sharp barbed needle and a pad to work on. You really can't see the barbs on the
sides of the needle but you can feel them with your fingers.

 You take some of the wool and start stabbing it with the needle.
The barbs will tangle the wool fibers making the wool denser or felted.
The more you stab the denser it will get.  

You add more wool to sculpt a shape. This is where my teaching abilities fail me.
It is still a little bit of a miracle to me to think that I can make something out of wool
that actually resembles a little goose or an elephant.
In my Etsy shop.

My workspace!

Cheesy picture of me needle felting. Even though this is staged
I am normally surrounded by a lot of wool and projects
that I am working on or are inspiration for the next project.

 I buy most of my supplies online. I have noticed that the craft stores are starting to sell 
needles and some wool if you want to give it a try. 
There are many tutorials online and the applications are endless.
 I've found that needle felting is very theraputic although my husband has accused me of using it as way to take out my frustrations. I think he is afraid of the whole voodoo doll thing:)

So... Happy Felting!

Talk again soon,