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Monday, November 5, 2012

Felting up a little Christmas

It is time to get into gear for Christmas:)  I sold two Nativities at my one little craft fair in Stratham and one on Etsy. I have two left and I probably should make another. It is fun to pick out the color combinations.

These trees are fun and easy to do. I love seeing how the swirls will turn out.
I have been wanting to do these for over a year but I didn't like my first ones because I felted
the trunks and they just seemed flimsy. So the solution is using a clay base which I get to then have fun
painting, glittering and varnishing:)

When Liz was here we gathered up some ex large acorn caps. She has asked me to
make some glittery white felt ones for her tree. These are my first attempts using gold
glitter and clear German glass glitter.  However Liz wants silver glitter so I have on order
silver German glass glitter. I can't wait to use it.  They say that over time
the silver glass will tarnish giving it a vintage look.