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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Little Paint Pots

Well no paint was involved but these little bowls remind me of watercolor paint.  I'm not sure where the urge to crochet all these colorful little bowls came from but I think I will blame the dreary skies we have had the last week or so.
Before felting...

These were the first three that I made and they inspired me to keep going.
I am enjoying picking out color combinations. My yarn supply has been getting a little
overwhelming but this had the opposite effect. I bought more yarn the other day
because I thought they would make a cute set of bowls.  Ugggh!

Felted and in my Etsy shop.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pleasant Surprise!

This Christmas Season at Scarlet Cord Designs was a pleasant surprise! I thoroughly enjoyed all the packing and shipping, the trips almost every day to the post office, communicating with buyers interested in custom orders AND I didn't mind making all those acorns:)
These glittery acorns have kept me busy. I was starting to think I would run out
of my supply of acorn caps.

So in November when I went down south for Thanksgiving, I enlisted the help
of two very enthusiastic acorn hunters:)
(sweet grandkids)

Of course they thought I needed some extra goodies like twigs, pretty stones and

And all it cost me for all those beautiful treasures were two Ring Pops.

Some of the special orders---

I love custom orders. They are challenging and so creative!
Isn't this cute-Antler headband on a Polar Bear.
This llama with his custom blanket went to London.
This is what I finished yesterday-I had to redo the nest. It just got too small.
Looking forward to what this New Year will bring!

                Talk soon,