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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pleasant Surprise!

This Christmas Season at Scarlet Cord Designs was a pleasant surprise! I thoroughly enjoyed all the packing and shipping, the trips almost every day to the post office, communicating with buyers interested in custom orders AND I didn't mind making all those acorns:)
These glittery acorns have kept me busy. I was starting to think I would run out
of my supply of acorn caps.

So in November when I went down south for Thanksgiving, I enlisted the help
of two very enthusiastic acorn hunters:)
(sweet grandkids)

Of course they thought I needed some extra goodies like twigs, pretty stones and

And all it cost me for all those beautiful treasures were two Ring Pops.

Some of the special orders---

I love custom orders. They are challenging and so creative!
Isn't this cute-Antler headband on a Polar Bear.
This llama with his custom blanket went to London.
This is what I finished yesterday-I had to redo the nest. It just got too small.
Looking forward to what this New Year will bring!

                Talk soon,