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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Pineapple Afghan

I lost this book once and had to reorder it. It's getting pretty tattered.

I love the Early American pineapple symbol for hospitality. So imagine my excitement when I found out I could actually crochet this pineapple pattern.  Up until ten years ago I was mainly a Granny Square kind of person.  This will be my sixth pineapple afghan. I made one for my Mom, myself and three of my daughters. I have used three different patterns in this book by Anne Halliday(Leisure Arts). This one I hope to have finished in time to take to our daughter Rachel and family in Papua New Guinea next September.  I know you probably are wondering why anyone living in the tropics would want an afghan but I watched them all run for their sweatshirts whenever a windy rain storm came along so I know they will cuddle up together under an afghan:)

I chose yellow for Rachie because we called her our little Sunshine when
she was a little girl.  Don't count my double crochets because you may find my
mistakes. I try to always go back and redo. Ugh.

I haven't gotten very far since I mainly work on it when traveling. I am going to 
have to get serious about pineapple crocheting real soon.