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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bittersweet Heritage Farm

Last fall a friend gave to me the gift of two bags of wool that she had bought at a Farmer's Market near her home in Maine. I thought that was the most thoughtful gift she could ever give to me. I am starting to think I have a wool addiction:)  I have pondered for a while how best to use this precious wool and I finally made a little sheep and fell in love with him.  He just felt so perfect, in fact I can barely keep my hands off him because he feels so good to hold. 

As soon as I made two of these sheep I started to worry about whether or not I would be able to replace this wool when I ran out. (I know- pretty silly). So I did a little research and found that I could order online and get the same wool from the very same sheep, Sweet Pea. According to Dyan, the owner of the sheep from Bittersweet Heritage Farm, this wool has a higher (grease) content and is processed a little differently. (That's probably why I keep picking my sheep up and just holding it.) Her sheep are Romneys crossed with Merinos and if you go to her web site you can find out more about her 'girls'. I also recommend her facebook page-it is full of interesting farm events.

So I ordered two more bags of Sweet Pea's wool.

 Oh, and three bars of lavender soap.

My Sweet Pea
I love how you get a picture of the sheep the wool came from. I am looking forward to trying all the
different rovings especially the brown wool from Maeve (just waiting for the shearer).