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Friday, May 10, 2013

Feltin' Fridays #6

First kitty.

I was asked several times last weekend at the open house "How long does it take to make this?".  I felt like I was guessing because I've never sat and kept exact track of my time. I can figure how many days it will take depending on what I have going on in my life at that time but I haven't counted the hours. So Monday I started a new little kitten since I sold the first one to a sweet young cat lover on Sunday.  I had nothing else on the schedule for the day except a stop to make lunch and dinner, walk down to get the mail and help John with some paper work. Other than that I started around 8:00 in the morning and was still working on it when I went to bed around midnight with a little bit of finishing the next morning. So my best guess is at least ten hours. 

I always forget to take pictures of my progress.

Finished new kitty.

  I then spent Tuesday and Wednesday working on a new Polar Bear. I didn't 
track my hours and had more interruptions.

Last night I started a little blue bear.

He and I are having an arguement over how to make his legs.

He wanted to be different from little brown bear and have long skinny legs but
I disagreed and I think I won the arguement.  Now we have to decide-
do we want a bow tie or a big bow?

Brown Bear is very sweet to model for me but he doesn't like how all 
blue bear's fibers are sticking to his brown fur:(

Talk again soon and Happy Felting:)