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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Two Days on the Farm

Jenness Farm in Nottingham, NH

We had a wonderful two days at Jenness Farm, the weather was perfect (I got a sunburn), the animals were fun to watch, good food, fun music, we met some great people, made some new friends,  I sold some of my felties...oh, and I bought some soap:)

Day 1- Was a little cool, so not thinking at all I declined a tent. Guess what happened to me.

My little sheep at the farm.

A big attraction-milking the goats.

The beekeeper.

Such cute animals. We were totally entertained by the baby goats.

Here is a future felter... he was so focused and really wanted to make something with his felting.

Kate's Day 1 face painting.

Fun Music

This flock of guinea hens weren't interested in music but they sure knew how to make 
their share of noise.

Day 2...They saw my red face and up went the tent:)

Our new friend, Linda the face painter. She also is an artist 
with her own studio, The Artist's View.

John came on Day 2

Day 2 face painting
Linda's face paintings were works of art.

A beautiful weekend!

A special thank you to the farm's owner Pete Corriveau for having us in his Open House
and for Manya Cetlin-Salter for inviting us.