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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Well, here I am still waiting for our Atlanta house. I did go visit our oldest daughter and family for two weeks. It was nice to be with them and to help my pregnant daughter with the kids, dinners and a little bit of housework. But since I got home I have been crocheting and browsing Pinterest for fun crochet ideas. I've also been learning a little amigurumi:)

I finished the ripple blanket for my new granddaughter due to arrive in September.  Then I thought our precious little one should have a tiara for her pictures and a matching bunny rattle.

I used the pattern from here. A big thank you to Greedy for Color for the
Flora Rabbit pattern. I added a bell inside,  the lacy edging and a flower at the 
bunny's neck.

The tiara pattern is from here
I am sure I will do better on my second one.

I have been wanting to crochet an edging on a flannel blanket for a while. Since my sewing machine is in storage I wasn't able to sew a hem first. However my mother in law made some for my babies years ago without hemming the blanket first so I am giving it a try, too.  I first washed the material, trimmed the edges and then poked each stitch using the sharpest crochet hook I had (1.4 mm) and tried to keep my single crochets close together. I switched colors for my second row of sc's. 
The finished size is about 40x35.

I cut around a bowl to get the rounded corners. 
I love flannel and there were so many cute patterns that I could not make up my mind so I have two more blankets to make but I will wait a little while-all that poking is hard on my arm. 

I thought I would try making a cowl for Martha's (our #4 daughter) birthday.
After all the small fussy stitching this was a joy working with thick yarn and hook and
 making such a simple fast project.

Remember this-my pineapple afghan for daughter Rachel (#2 daughter). I need to have
this finished before our trip to see them in PNG in September. I am about halfway done
but for some reason I keep falling asleep when I work on it.

I have been collecting on my Pinterest Crochet Loves Board quite a few fun patterns that
are mainly free and not too difficult. Check it out here:)

I'll be back soon with the finished cowl, a couple of little monster amigurumi's, and a little bear that I am working on.