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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Pineapple Afghan Hand Delivered to Papua New Guinea or Our Visit to Family on the Mission Field

Okay, the afghan is only a small part of our trip but I really needed an interesting title. 

 I ended up finishing the afghan while I was with our daughter and her family. The kids were very interested in how I was making it so they will definitely think of Nana when they cuddle under it. SMART! plus I just didn't get it finished in time:)  What I was working on instead of the afghan will be a post for another time.

We were on the island for 10 days and were privileged to be present for the new church's first baptism.

Brandon, our son-in-law and Wayne 

The new believers:)

Rachel amazes me with all the meal making. Homemade Cheesy Italian Bread for the next day
and  pizza dough in the background for Pizza Night:)
I was on dish duty (taking over for my granddaughter) and my goodness were there
always a lot of dirty dishes!

 Oriental noodles, homemade spring rolls and yellow watermelon.

Ladies Bible Study

Rachel and Gail helping the ladies with their study.

Sunday morning at church

This is the little boat that was used to get us to the island.  John and I sat in the back third of the boat with 4 other people and gas tanks, our luggage and supplies were in the middle and the front was empty to keep waves from flowing in. 
 The water was pretty rough and turned a four hour trip into an eight hour thoroughly wet
experience.  Completely worth every moment to get to see our Rachie and family.

Big boat-Much nicer experience on the way back, smoother, nothing got wet and there
were seats to sit on:)

Loving this!

A special moment. These two were singing to me on the boat.

Family Pictures the day before we left -
at New Tribes' base camp in Wewak

Our move is finally getting close, in fact next time I post, it should be from our new home
in Georgia. I am so excited!!